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Finding the right products for your skin and following a proper care regime is the fundamental start to good skin care.  But our changing seasons, travel to different climates, our work environment etc. all play a huge role in the way our skin behaves.  So in this Guide, we include some tips on what to look out for in the environment around you and how to respond to it. 


SPF!  Make sure you use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 and that it's broad spectrum, blocking both UVA & UVB rays.  Mix a little into your moisturiser at the start of the day.  Make sure it's waterproof if you plan to go into the water.  Reapply as needed during the day.  Keep to the shade during the heat of the day - the sun's rays are possibly the single most important cause of the signs of aging - and drink plenty of water.  After a day at the beach or the pool, cleanse with a good shower gel and shampoo and condition your hair, to remove salt and chlorine. 

HUMID CLIMATE - Use lighter moisturisers and after shave products, such as gels or lotions, the moisture in the air will make heavier moisturisers feel even heavier on your skin.   The propensity in this climate to carry sweat on your skin suggests a focus on cleansing morning and night, particularly if you have oily skin.  Keep your underarms and feet deodorised.

DRY CLIMATE - Hot, dry air will sap moisture from your skin, so use richer moisturisers liberally to ensure you maintain the skin's moisture levels, especially on the extremities such as hands, elbows and feet.  If you wash your hands regularly, invest in hand lotion or cream.  Don't forget your lips, make sure your lip balm has SPF too.  Use both facial and body scrubs regularly to exfoliate the skin so that the moisturisers soak in well.



SPF again!  It's a myth to think you don't need suncreen in winter.  Your day moisturiser should have sunscreen in it or else mix some in.  This is particularly important if you are visiting snowfields.

WIND & COLD - Winter usually brings a drier climate, with wind and cold.  These have particularly drying effects on the skin and scalp.  Swap to a richer moisturiser and after shave care for your face and body, particularly if you are prone to dry skin.  Focus on keeping your extremities moisturised.  You should regularly exfoliate both face and body to assist the moisturisers to do their work, this will help avoid getting that "grey-skin" look.

WHAT TO AVOID - While the luxury of long hot showers or baths are particularly appealing, keep them short and use warm water rather than hot.  Avoid more than one shower or bath a day and avoid soap - use shower gel or bath gels or bars.  Long hot showers and baths and having too many of them are particularly bad for drying skin out.  If you want a good soak, make sure your bath has moistursing ingredients in it, such as bath oil.  If you have normal to dry skin, you can get away with dropping your face cleansing to once a day, at the end of the day to remove the build up of pollution and dead skin.  Don't forget lip balm (with SPF) to avoid chapped lips.  Avoid too many caffeinated hot drinks, which act as diuretics and dry your skin.  Try pacing them out or try herbal or green or white teas.  The same goes for alchohol.  Keep hydrated with pure water.  Those prone to dandruff will probably find winter worse for this, as the scalp dries and flakes.  Use dedicated anti-dandruff products or shampoos and conditioners rich in moisturisers.

The Office

Most modern offices these days are air-conditioned and good luck in trying to control the settings!  This usually produces warm or cool air which is dry.  The effect of this, and the same goes for air in airplanes, is to dry your skin by sapping it of its moisture.  If you spend prolonged periods in this kind of environment, look at our tips for Winter Wind and Cold above.  

If you have followed this guide, we would like to hear from you about your experiences.  We appreciate all feedback (guides@artofman.com.au).

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